Although our feet are firmly entrenched in the new year, our design team reflects on the abundant year of projects in 2016 that have had both personal and professional significance in their lives.

Luxury urban living: there's no rule that says you can’t retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge. Luxury design tips by Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Luxury Urban Living

A family retreat in the heart of a bustling city? New Yorkers have the beauty of the Catskills to escape for tranquility and peace, Angelenos are just a short drive away from Palm Springs to unwind and rest at a well appointed boutique resort and Midwesterners take advantage of lake homes and getaways along the shores of Michigan and Wisconsin. But there is no rule that says you can’t also retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge.

"Steve Jobs once said 'Design isn’t just design – it’s the way things work.' We couldn’t agree more."

- Shea Soucie
Burnham Pointe's Lobby Transformation in Chicago - Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Burnham Pointe

Located in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop, Burnham Pointe is a 28 story building that boasts 298 luxury apartments. The Printers Row neighborhood is known for being in the epicenter of a dynamic city life. Museums, art galleries, financial and educational institutions, exceptional landmarks and the lakefront are just moments away for the residents of Burnham Pointe.

Gestalten Books

Often times, the greatest and most simple way to find inspiration is by picking up a book. In an era where digital images are king and Instagram and Pinterest are the new “library”, print is put to the wayside. Just as we have a love for print magazines, (ie. Hole & Corner Magazine) we have an affinity for a more tactile experience with books. We want to engage in an inspiring experience. With print, we can appreciate the quality of the paper and the extensive production behind the process of creating the book. There is an elevated level of respect.

DreamHome Living room designed by luxury interior design icon,Soucie Horner Ltd.

Soucie Horner for DreamHome

We recently sat down with Martin to discuss the inspiration behind our DreamHome living room. Needless to say, we were transported back in time. “Shea and I were students studying in Paris, traveling and taking in the designs and architecture around us. We absorbed, embraced and were forever altered by her charms,” recalls Martin. Though it could have been as simple as walking in the rain along cobbled stoned streets or stopping along a tourist-laden bridge to take in the intoxicating beauty of the pink sky enveloping the Seine, to Martin and Shea, every corner of the City of Lights was imbued with Joie de Vivre. Quite appropriately, the room was entitled as such. From the furnishings to the objects, every aspect of the room was infused with this sentiment.

Soucie Horner Houzz profile highlights some of our favorite luxury design ideas that are our viewer’s favorites too. Get the look at Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Get The Look: Houzz

We all have our favorites. What we gravitate towards, what moves us, what inspires us is subjective. But some things garner more attention than others and we’re always curious which of our designs catches a viewer’s eye more than others. If you aren’t familiar with Houzz and are an interior design lover, we highly recommend visiting the site. If you’re looking for inspiration or resources for a home design project, Houzz is an efficient and incredibly useful starting point. Whether it’s a micro project and you need to find a custom bookcase for the living room or a complete remodel of your current home, Houzz provides a community of homeowners and industry professional at your fingertips. For homeowners, it’s a useful tool to create mood boards (ideabooks) and connect with designers, architects and contractors.

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