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Soucie Horner Interiors

Edited Expression

Juxtaposition: defined as two things placed close together with contrasting effect, the word epitomizes this downtown Chicago residence. A family home, it evinces comfort, calm, and connection. Here, chaise lounges nestle side-by-side, welcoming wine-sippers, book-readers, and fireplace-gazers. There, an upholstered kitchen banquette recalls the coziness…

SH Studio

101 North Clark Street

This 33-unit luxury building on Chicago’s Gold Coast features public spaces – and a sales center – designed by SH Studio. Exceptional attention to detail defines truly gracious lobby, corridor, and shared amenity areas; all augment the green-space aspects of the building and its individual…

Soucie Horner Collections


A pair of polished brass lanterns emphasizes the classically influenced architectural style of this stately home’s limestone façade. Inspired by a combination of Victorian stagecoach design and Belle Epoque Parisian architecture, they honor historical precedents in simple, elegant, refined fashion.

"Good design can actually refine lifestyle – whether the lifestyle you live today, or the lifestyle you aspire to live tomorrow."

- Martin Horner

Inside Soucie Horner