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Soucie Horner Interiors

Ocean Tide

Memory-making is a shore thing in this refined British Virgin Islands family retreat, designed to gather multiple generations in unsurpassed style and comfort. Distinguished by a unique blend of luxurious sophistication and relaxed ease, it’s layered with custom furnishings, fabrics, and finishes – warmed, all,…

SH Studio

2550 North Lakeview Avenue

The conceptualized program for this raw, duplexed, 13,000 square foot space includes solutions to overcome irregular wall column spacing and slanting interior perimeter walls to accommodate an imagined art collection and window treatments. Space is programmed around existing plumbing and exhaust stacks, and extends visual…

Soucie Horner Collections


Mixed materials and sleek styling define this bedside night table. Befitting the casual elegance of the island residence in which it’s sited, this original design is as refined as it is relaxed. A hardware-less drawer opens with an ergonomically-designed pull, reinforcing its thoughtfully conceived simplicity.

"Good design can actually refine lifestyle – whether the lifestyle you live today, or the lifestyle you aspire to live tomorrow."

- Martin Horner

Inside Soucie Horner