Soucie Horner Collections

Iconic Furnishings; Inspired Design

From lighting to furnishings to textiles – including our own SHIIR Rug collection, developed in tandem with Oscar Isberian Rugs and available through showrooms throughout the United States and Europe – we create innovative, iconic, elegant designs that layer any room with splendidly artisanal custom products. In fact, product design is an integral component of our design process – and is supported by a team of passionate, seasoned product designers, worldwide manufacturing capabilities, and national and international distribution networks. Our portfolio is classic, refined, enduring – and continually expanding.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

- John Keats


SHIIR Rugs – our custom rug line – honors exotic raw materials such as cashmere, mohair, silk, pashmina, leather, and wool by exploiting color, texture, luminescence, and hand to drive design in novel and unexpected fashion. The results are hand-made masterpieces. Opulent, edgy, and complex, SHIIR rugs embody a peerless, rough-luxe sensibility driven by our passion for innovation. And our appreciation for the ancient are of the hand-weaver.

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Custom Lighting

From chandeliers to pendant lights and table lamps to sconces, Soucie Horner Collections possesses a unique ability to conceptualize – and custom craft – an array of lighting that illuminates your good taste. From a single magnificent fixture to a complete product line, we apply our unmatched reputation for stellar design with worldwide manufacturing expertise, ensuring light fixtures of distinction. All, custom crafted to your – or our – exacting specifications.


Custom Furniture

Limited only by the imaginations of our discerning clientele, our favored vendors, and the manufacturers whose craftsmanship we prize, the furniture created by Soucie Horner Collections encompasses a broad range of diverse styles. All share a single commonality: original design in its best, most luxurious incarnation.