SH Studio

Inspired Living Environments

SH Studio creates exceptionally appointed environments in which to live, work, shop, and relax – from luxury high rise condominiums and planned residential communities to office spaces and retail sites. We do this by applying our expertise in the world of luxury interior design to the specific properties developers and builders are marketing, leasing, or selling. We recognize that in the commercial arena, design must be supportive of brand identity, targeted marketing, visual marketing, advertising, merchandise display, and every other numbers-driven facet of gaining the attention of an ever more sophisticated consumer.

SH Studio focuses on developers’ priorities – whether site-specific, budget-driven, or aesthetically-derived – and conceptualizes them to meet client lifestyle, expectations for amenities and services, and price point. We collaborate with internal marketing teams to holistically unify vision and space, from branding through furnishings. We purchase. And we install. All with our gaze laser focused on your target market. The result? Highly sought-after properties that showcase the unique design qualities for which SH Studio is celebrated.

Schedule, cost, design; We understand that ranking from a developer's point of view.

- Shea Soucie

Triton Enterprises

New York, New York

Southern Simplicity

Charlotte, North Carolina


Chicago, Illinois

Loop Financial Office

Chicago, Illinois

Lakeside Village of Byron

Waveland, Indiana