Luxury urban living: there's no rule that says you can’t retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge. Luxury design tips by Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Luxury Urban Living

A family retreat in the heart of a bustling city? New Yorkers have the beauty of the Catskills to escape for tranquility and peace, Angelenos are just a short drive away from Palm Springs to unwind and rest at a well appointed boutique resort and Midwesterners take advantage of lake homes and getaways along the shores of Michigan and Wisconsin. But there is no rule that says you can’t also retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge.

Our clients did exactly that. They were seeking a city refuge for themselves and their four young children, a place where they could experience both quiet and serenity but also have the accessibility to the culturally rich offerings of Chicago. What better location than the historic Palmolive Building? Designated as a Chicago landmark in 2000, this 37 story Art Deco building is located on Michigan Avenue, where the lake is just minutes away and world class dining and shopping are next door neighbors.

The home is sophisticated, yet low maintenance and without the frills. After all, the children outnumber the adults. The stunning city skyline envelops the room upon entering the space, feeling as though you’re in the eye of the city. The predominantly neutral interior makes for a flexible canvas to add accents of bright colors such as turquoise and orange. The children’s room is especially playful, showcasing a nautical theme and similar accents throughout. The master bedroom is moody, romantic and glamorous, with a blush and lavender color scheme and elegant bedding. Design elements are cohesively woven together to create a uniform feel.
“We wanted to create a home away from home for a young family that is busy during the day but wants to decompress after a day of exploring in a vibrant city.”

-Shea & Martin

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