Design Inspiration: Independent Magazines and Our Love for Hole & Corner Magazine

Soucie Horner

February 2016


For quite some time in the not so distant past, magazine publications were shuttering their doors and the idea that “print is dead” was starting to become a reality. Condé Nast particularly took a bit hit and closed Cookie, Modern Bride, Domino, Details, fashion heavy weight Lucky and iconic food and wine publication Gourmet. So, is print really dead? Quite the contrary. There has been a resurgence in the print world and several high quality, aesthetically pleasing independent magazines have emerged for our reading and viewing pleasure. Some of our favorites include independent giants Cereal and Kinfolk, The Gentle Woman, Boat, Hobo, Gather, So It Goes, Apartamento and just recently, we discovered fashion meets cat lover publication Puss Puss Magazine. All of these magazines share common features; beautiful photography, carefully curated content and coffee table worthy presentation.

Though we admire the ones above, our number one pick would have to be Hole & Corner Magazine. “Hole and Corner” is defined as:



adjective: hole-and-corner

attempting to avoid public notice; secret.”a hole-and-corner wedding”


As Sam Walton, Art Director for Hole and Corner Magazine, describes to Mag Culture, it “is an old English term that means – by its dictionary definition –a life lived away from public glare, conducted in a secret place. Our subjects can lead somewhat reclusive lives that are often led at their own pace, which we feel is something that needs to be celebrated and supported”. He continues to explain that the magazine strives to focus on “real people – amazing people, experienced and talented people”.

While much of the subject matter is craftsmanship and the talent behind it, it goes one step further. The magazine explores the authenticity of the lifestyle. What drives this individual’s passion for their craft? What life experiences led them to where they are now? What about their craft makes up who they are? Hole & Corner is less interested in what is on trend but more focused on content that is relevant now and in the future. This is what we love about the publication. Whether we look at it today or years from now, we will find it just as inspirational.

Although Hole & Corner is primarily known as a magazine, they are also becoming a multi-dimensional brand by promoting a particular lifestyle rooted in craft and substance. Monocle Magazine, Cereal and Kinfolk successfully established themselves as full fledged brands, as we imagine Hole & Corner will do as well in short time.