2016 Reflections

February 2017

Although our feet are firmly entrenched in the New Year, our design team reflects on the abundant year of projects in 2016 that have had both personal and professional significance in our lives. While our design philosophy is not based on trends, we nevertheless see the comings and goings of particular movements. Some of which we would like to see stay and some of those we’d like to bid adieu. We sat down with part of our team as they shared their thoughts on 2016.


DreamHome Chicago:

SH_dreamhome_daveburkJackson / Design Assistant

“This was my first project I was able to really get involved in while working for Soucie Horner! I will always sentimentally hold that room in my heart. It was warm, evocative and romantic. I couldn’t have been happier working on the project.”

Mara / Communications Director

“My favorite project was the DreamHome room for making me realize the earth tones I grew up with are still valid.”


Next Apartments:

SH_nextaptChelsea / Associate Designer

“I think the amenities floor perfectly embodies the lux comfortability of our residential aesthetic while meeting the functionality and durability needs of a commercial space. The owner’s own art such as his set of Salvador Dali sketches used on this floor is ridiculously cool.”


Client’s Living Room:


Liz / Studio Leader

“It was the first project that I have worked on where I made all of the furnishing selections. I found the large photograph of “Olympia” on Saatchi art which I’m particularly fond of.”


Client’s Sunroom:

Karleen / Senior Designer

“The room was wonderfully cozy and had a great view of the lake.  There is a lot of texture and warmth to it. I could spend all day in that room had I lived there.  Silvery grasscloth wallcovering, slate chenille sofa, the woven ottoman all sitting on the all-wool SHIIR Indo Tess created a cozy, inviting feeling.




Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016 Rose Quartz:


Chelsea / Associate Designer

“I’m looking forward to more clients embracing color, whether dark or bright.”


Brass Accents:


Paris Grande Water by Mosaique Surface


Lindsey Adelman Lighting

Segal - Highland Park - 009 Powder Room

Soucie Horner Interiors

Liz / Studio Leader

“I like the brass lighting that keeps getting introduced.”

Karleen / Senior Designer

“Since brass is back, I really enjoy seeing the mix of metals in interiors!”


80’s Floral:


Via Architectural Digest


Via Architectural Digest

Mara / Communications Director

“My favorite 2016 trend was the reinterpretation of 80s florals in big, bold, graphic scale.”




Many of these trends are still relevant and can be beautifully implemented into a home, but perhaps it’s time to lay it to rest for a bit and resurrect them for another time.

Barn Doors:


Via Pinterest

Jackson / Design Assistant

“Barn doors on everything should go.”


Grey on Grey:


Via Home Designing

Liz / Studio Leader

“Kill the grey on grey on grey patina look.”


Chalkboard Paint:


Via Pinterest

Chelsea / Associate Designer

“Chalkboard paint on everything…”


Mason Jars:


Via Domino Magazine 

Mara / Communications Director

“Though I confess to a sizeable collection of vintage blue examples, I do think Mason jars have probably had their 15 minutes of fame.”




Via Domino Magazine


Via Magnolia Journal

Karleen / Senior Designer

“There is an architecture space and style appropriate for shiplap. However, I am seeing it pop up in every suburban home now, even if their cookie-cutter style house has no architectural reference to it.”












Project Profile: Luxury Urban Living

October 2016

A family retreat in the heart of a bustling city? New Yorkers have the beauty of the Catskills to escape for tranquility and peace, Angelenos are just a short drive away from Palm Springs to unwind and rest at a well appointed boutique resort and Midwesterners take advantage of lake homes and getaways along the shores of Michigan and Wisconsin. But there is no rule that says you can’t also retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge.movva-chicago-001-foyer
 Our clients did exactly that. They were seeking a city refuge for themselves and their four young children, a place where they could experience both quiet and serenity but also have the accessibility to the culturally rich offerings of Chicago. What better location than the historic Palmolive Building? Designated as a Chicago landmark in 2000, this 37 story Art Deco building is located on Michigan Avenue, where the lake is just minutes away and world class dining and shopping are next door neighbors.
The home is sophisticated, yet low maintenance and without the frills. After all, the children outnumber the adults. The stunning city skyline envelops the room upon entering the space, feeling as though you’re in the eye of the city. The predominantly neutral interior makes for a flexible canvas to add accents of bright colors such as turquoise and orange. The children’s room is especially playful, showcasing a nautical theme and similar accents throughout. The master bedroom is moody, romantic and glamorous, with a blush and lavender color scheme and elegant bedding. Design elements are cohesively woven together to create a uniform feel.
“We wanted to create a home away from home for a young family that is busy during the day but wants to decompress after a day of exploring in a vibrant city.”
-Shea & Martin

Project Profile: Burnham Pointe

September 2016

Located in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop, Burnham Pointe is a 28 story building that boasts 298 luxury apartments. The Printers Row neighborhood is known for being in the epicenter of a dynamic city life. Museums, art galleries, financial and educational institutions, exceptional landmarks and the lakefront are just moments away for the residents of Burnham Pointe.

The lobby went through a stunning transformation where guests and residents alike are welcomed into an elegant and inviting environment. The space was outfitted with a custom wood bookcase, modern furniture, marble floors and luxury finishes. Neutral tones juxtaposed next to a deeper tonal wood and a robust dark marble elevates the living experience as soon as you enter the building.

With unobstructed views of the city skyline, we designed the apartment space to enhance the assets of its magnificence setting. While echoing the sophistication of the lobby, we added a playful charm to the living space by graphic artwork and pops of color to a predominantly muted color scheme and graphic artwork. Burnham Pointe is an ideal space for young professionals who have a penchant for luxury amenities and desire the experience of city living at its finest.







Design Inspiration: Gestalten Books

August 2016

Often times, the greatest and most simple way to find inspiration is by picking up a book. In an era where digital images are king and Instagram and Pinterest are the new “library”, print is put to the wayside. Just as we have a love for print magazines,
(ie. Hole & Corner Magazine) we have an affinity for a more tactile experience with books. We want to engage in an inspiring experience. With print, we can appreciate the quality of the paper and the extensive production behind the process of creating the book. There is an elevated level of respect.

Gestalten Books publishes topics from a wide cross section of creative industries such as design, lifestyle, graphic design, architecture, fashion, photography, travel and art. Their books forecast trends, provide in depth coverage on particular topics and fields and for those that just want to enjoy a beautifully crafted book, there is that too. While there is so much to choose from, here is a round-up of our must have books from Gestalten.


If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in a room 250m from the shore in the middle of a lake (think Pumphouse Point on Lake St. Clair) or want to escape to the desert under a myriad of stars, pick up Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2 to satiate your wanderlust.






Whether or not you are avid surfer or have an immense fear of open waters, you will appreciate the grandness of the ocean and the exotic, sometimes hidden and far off lands to catch the next greatest wave in the Surf Odyssey—The Culture of Wave Riding.









What did a utopic, futuristic society look like to designers in the 1960’s and 1970’s? The Tale of Tomorrow explores modernism, featuring works by Le Corbusier, Herb Greene and Grandval to name a few.









This is perfect for your little ones or as a gift. Little Red Riding Hood is an enchanting childhood fable loved and known by many. French illustrator Clémentine Sourdais created a book and work of art with his cut out illustrated images. If held in front of the a light, the 3D images come to life like shadow puppets.







Otherworldly is an exploration of the avante-garde from both established, such as Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela, and emerging designers. Innovations in technology and the use of new fabrics opens a world of possibilities to an ever changing industry.





Visit Gestalten for a comprehensive look at their publications.



Project Profile: Soucie Horner for DreamHome

July 2016

Living Room Main

(Photo Credit: DreamHome 2016. Dave Burk Photography)


(Exploded Library by Betsy Birkey, Mark Jones floral arrangement by Saville Flowers)


(Celeste Chaise Lounge from Lee Jofa, Window Treatments by Cowtan & Tout,  Custom Throw Pillows by Lynda O’Connor, Rexford Floor Lamp at Paul Ferrante)


(Portalis Buffett from Holly Hunt, Stage Design (Balconies & Figures) by Andre Delfau from Richard Norton Gallery, Pygmalion by Andre Delfau from Richard Norton Gallery)



(Serpent Table by Cox London for Rose Tarlow Melrose House, Sisal Floorcovering by Watson Smith, Nimbus SHIIR Rug)


(Diana Credenza from Jean De Merry, AB 32 & Perpetual Motion AB 30 by R. Leroy Turner from Richard Norton Gallery, Jacqueline Side Chair by Alexa)


(Solaris Chandelier by CTO Lighting at Holland & Sherry)

We recently sat down with Martin to discuss the inspiration behind this years DreamHome  living room. Needless to say, we were transported back in time. “Shea and I were students studying in Paris, traveling and taking in the designs and architecture around us. We absorbed, embraced and were forever altered by her charms,” recalls Martin. Though it could have been as simple as walking in the rain along cobbled stoned streets or stopping along a tourist-laden bridge to take in the intoxicating beauty of the pink sky enveloping the Seine, to Martin and Shea, every corner of the City of Lights was imbued with Joie de Vivre. Quite appropriately, the room was entitled as such. From the furnishings to the objects, every aspect of the room was infused with this sentiment.

While heavily inspired by Jean Michel Frank’s signature minimalistic, yet opulent design aesthetic, Martin and Shea mixed periods and textures to reflect a personal touch. Thus, the room is filled with a curated collection of their favorite things such as an intricately detailed paper sculpture by Chicago artist Betsy Birkey and the ‘Portalis Buffet’ by Holly Hunt for the bar area. The latter actually represents a design dream farther back than their days as design students in Paris. It harkens back to a young Martin daydreaming about building a glamorous bar in his room as a 7th grader. As Martin recalls with a laugh, “I always imagined having a great bar with a moody ’80s aesthetic.”

Colors, textures and a variety of fabrics, such as Holly Hunt’s snake console and Edelman Leather’s bison rug are an integral design component to create layers. A beige couch from the Barbara Barry Collection at Baker Furniture was reupholstered with amber colored fabric from Holly Hunt to provide rich contrast to the living room. Every detail was thoughtfully considered and selected from a wealth of resources provided from the showrooms at Merchandise Mart.

While childhood dreams and student aspirations played a significant role in the concept, it is wholly a sophisticated and reimagined vision of their fantasy flat in Paris. “When people walk into this room, I want them to feel comfortable and feel invited. It’s like they want to sit down and have a cocktail, sitting on the chaise lounge, listening to some beautiful Gershwin on the piano. That is what I want them to feel,” says Martin. Visit the DreamHome exhibit through December 4 to experience a taste of Paris revisited. More of Martin’s video interview can be viewed here.

Get The Look: Houzz

June 2016

We all have our favorites. What we gravitate towards, what moves us, what inspires us is subjective. But some things garner more attention than others and we’re always curious which of our designs catches a viewer’s eye more than others. If you aren’t familiar with Houzz and are an interior design lover, we highly recommend visiting the site. If you’re looking for inspiration or resources for a home design project, Houzz is an efficient and incredibly useful starting point. Whether it’s a micro project and you need to find a custom bookcase for the living room or a complete remodel of your current home, Houzz provides a community of homeowners and industry professional at your fingertips. For homeowners, it’s a useful tool to create mood boards (ideabooks) and connect with designers, architects and contractors.

As interior designers, we’ve found it to be a helpful and engaging forum where we can share our design ideas and interact with an audience. Some of our favorite design projects are coincidentally some of our viewer’s favorites. We’d like to share these highlights. For a more comprehensive look at Soucie Horner projects, visit Houzz.