Gulf Breeze

Naples, Florida

For a client with a deep appreciation for all manner of architectural styles – and the passion to transform his lifelong dream of a single home showcasing their wide variety into reality – we were thrilled to meet the challenge. Consider the elements: an English conservatory-style kitchen. A Bahamian plantation-inspired bedroom. Florentine palazzos, Swiss chalets, Lowcountry fishing huts – all informed our journey from broad concept to unified, cohesive actuality. First and foremost a home meant to cosset and comfort an active family, it is also an elegant and gracious example of the many handcrafted arts too seldom seen. From custom ceiling treatments to hand-woven rugs, evidence of the artist’s hand abounds, imparting exquisite detail on virtually each and every surface. Nestled waterside along shimmering shores, this home is truly a dream come true – and proof the fanciful notions of the heart can indeed be transformed into functional living spaces that nurture, inspire, and satisfy the soul.