Looking Forward: What Excites Us in 2018

We won’t call them trends, since the word implies what may eventually fall out of fashion or favor. Instead – since we’re all about what’s gracious and timeless – we prefer to think of movements in the design world as progressions toward fresh interpretations. Read on to see what we’ll be doing more of – and admiring – in 2018:

Curating Furniture as Art

Just as thoughtfully selected pieces of art grace a home with unique personality, so do furnishings commissioned or acquired. Whether custom-made, auction-won, gallery-found, or heirloom, individual furniture pieces selected with passion and intention heighten the impact of a well-designed, intensely personal room.

Mixing Metals

Whether aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, or wrought iron – and that’s just a partial list – we’re moved by rooms that mix metals with carefully calibrated abandon. It’s a tricky balancing act, but when done well, frees kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces from the monotony of all-matched sets of hardware, plumbing fixtures, and decorative accents.

Looking Up

The fifth wall in any room (more commonly known as the ceiling!) begs to be treated – which is why we’ve always lavished as much attention on what’s overhead as we do to walls and floors. We predict this approach becoming increasingly common regardless of budget – painted ceilings are an inexpensive way to achieve this level of detail; gold leaf, wallcovering, custom millwork, and stenciling are higher end routes.

Coloring our World

Ultra Violet – a provocative shade of purple – may be Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, but what’s really causing our hearts to skip a beat right now is cinnabar. The brownish-red tone delivers warmth as well as drama, and pairs beautifully with a surprising range of other colors. We noted cinnabar making multiple appearances while attending Art Basel in Miami and were captivated.

Infusing Handcrafts

As technology continues to have a profound impact on every facet of design, we find ourselves increasingly drawn to processes and products that rely on human hands. The singular beauty that can only be achieved by a talented artisan or craftsperson is, we think, an increasingly important requirement for a room with soul. This hand-woven SHIIR rug proves our point.

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