An Artist We Love: Michael Bentley

Having friends as artists, artists as friends, allows us, in some ways, to have a pulse on the art world in an intimate way. We have an opportunity to view works before they are exhibited and have conversations about their latest work over dinner. It is an invitation into a very deeply personal process. We feel infinitely lucky that they would share this with us and we in turn, want to share their work with you.

Michael Bentley is a fine artist based in Nova Scotia and his latest work will be exhibited at Gruen Galleries through the end of the year. In addition to Gruen Galleries, his work has been showcased at fine art galleries and museums across the US, as well as corporate and private collections.

At first glance, the large scale of his work is perhaps what will initially draw you in, some of which are as large as 48 by 96 inches. We are particularly partial to large scale artwork for the dramatic effect it can create in the homes we design. However, take a closer look, and the peaceful seascapes he creates feels enveloping, suddenly transforming you from a viewer to becoming a part of the image. To achieve this realistic yet ethereal experience, Bentley uses gouache as a medium and applies countless layers spanning months to create a uniquely tranquil texture.

Living in Nova Scotia, it is no surprise that Bentley cites the dramatic and captivating coasts of his surroundings as a source of inspiration. “Walking out to the shore every morning and looking out over the sea, I am still in awe of its beauty.”

The artist’s ‘New Work on Paper’, curated by Lisa Boron, begins November 3rd, 2017 at Gruen Galleries in Chicago and ends December 31st, 2017.

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Joe counts classic icons Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant among his style influences; food, family, and faith are his passions. “If I weren’t in the design world, I’d be running a restaurant or a hotel,” he says, nodding to the seriously service-oriented view he takes of his work.

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