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Form and function – not to mention high fashion – combine to brand-boosting effect in SH Studio’s first-ever design of retail showroom space. In fact, when Brizo and Delta Faucet asked us to conceive a new look for their Merchandise Mart showroom, we knew immediately our design would have a product-driven purpose, not simply an aesthetic. “Our ability to create a compelling brand identity by how we treated a physical environment is the real story of this project,” says Martin Horner.

It’s also a tale of creating a visually arresting retail floor that proves science, technology, and fashion – yes, fashion – can happily co-exist. “We didn’t want to do a typical design studio look,” says Martin. “Our goal was always to create a sleek plumbing lab with a fashion-atelier feel. The end result not only elevates Brizo and Delta’s product, it raises their image – and their customers’ perceptions.”

How did we do it? By starting, of all places, at New York Fashion Week. Inspired by the dichotomies on display during fashion designer Jason Wu’s show, which featured layer upon layer of gauzy fabrics and sheer softness expressed in cutting-edge fashion, we had an “aha!” moment. Why couldn’t technology-oriented products such as plumbing hardware be given a chic, sexy twist, too? We decided they could – and that SH Studio would make it happen.

The result is a clean, fresh, engineering-oriented plumbing lab – with a surprisingly alluring aesthetic. It’s technology-oriented, yes, but also tactile and experiential. In fact, the new showroom beckons visitors not only to look, but to touch, feel, and play. And, ultimately, to connect with the products on display in a manner that creates excitement and encourages purchases. That, after all, is the unequivocal goal of any retail space, isn’t it? To be able to achieve that goal for Brizo and Delta in a way that is as much about science as it is about fashion is something we’re quite proud of. “Our design changes the showroom dynamic,” says Martin. “That’s the power of creative thinking that really works for the client.”

Schedule, cost, design; We understand that ranking from a developer's point of view.

- Shea Soucie

We invite you to stop by the Brizo Showroom on the first floor of the Merchandise Mart to see for yourself what he means – and to read more about our brand-oriented design here.

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