Luxury urban living: there's no rule that says you can’t retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge. Luxury design tips by Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Luxury Urban Living

A family retreat in the heart of a bustling city? New Yorkers have the beauty of the Catskills to escape for tranquility and peace, Angelenos are just a short drive away from Palm Springs to unwind and rest at a well appointed boutique resort and Midwesterners take advantage of lake homes and getaways along the shores of Michigan and Wisconsin. But there is no rule that says you can’t also retreat to a metropolitan city to relax and recharge.

Burnham Pointe's Lobby Transformation in Chicago - Soucie Horner, Ltd.

Burnham Pointe

Located in the heart of Chicago’s South Loop, Burnham Pointe is a 28 story building that boasts 298 luxury apartments. The Printers Row neighborhood is known for being in the epicenter of a dynamic city life. Museums, art galleries, financial and educational institutions, exceptional landmarks and the lakefront are just moments away for the residents of Burnham Pointe.

"Steve Jobs once said 'Design isn’t just design – it’s the way things work.' We couldn’t agree more."

- Shea Soucie