DreamHome Living room designed by luxury interior design icon,Soucie Horner Ltd.

Soucie Horner for DreamHome

We recently sat down with Martin to discuss the inspiration behind our DreamHome living room. Needless to say, we were transported back in time. “Shea and I were students studying in Paris, traveling and taking in the designs and architecture around us. We absorbed, embraced and were forever altered by her charms,” recalls Martin. Though it could have been as simple as walking in the rain along cobbled stoned streets or stopping along a tourist-laden bridge to take in the intoxicating beauty of the pink sky enveloping the Seine, to Martin and Shea, every corner of the City of Lights was imbued with Joie de Vivre. Quite appropriately, the room was entitled as such. From the furnishings to the objects, every aspect of the room was infused with this sentiment.