Looking Forward: What Excites Us in 2018

We won’t call them trends, since the word implies what may eventually fall out of fashion or favor. Instead – since we’re all about what’s gracious and timeless – we prefer to think of movements in the design world as progressions toward fresh interpretations. Read on to see what we’ll be doing more of – and admiring – in 2018:

An Artist We Love: Michael Bentley

Having friends as artists, artists as friends, allows us, in some ways, to have a pulse on the art world in an intimate way. We have an opportunity to view works before they are exhibited and have conversations about their latest work over dinner. It…

"Steve Jobs once said 'Design isn’t just design – it’s the way things work.' We couldn’t agree more."

- Shea Soucie

Gestalten Books

Often times, the greatest and most simple way to find inspiration is by picking up a book. In an era where digital images are king and Instagram and Pinterest are the new “library”, print is put to the wayside. Just as we have a love for print magazines, (ie. Hole & Corner Magazine) we have an affinity for a more tactile experience with books. We want to engage in an inspiring experience. With print, we can appreciate the quality of the paper and the extensive production behind the process of creating the book. There is an elevated level of respect.

Designer Inspiration: Carlos Domenech

Carlos Domenech is a fine art photographer with a specific interest in architectural photography. While his work is internationally known and can be found in book and magazine publications, museums and commercial spaces, some pieces are commissioned for private residential spaces.